6 Reasons Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs


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Dear Veterans:

As a service member, you fought to preserve our rights to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

Have you been enjoying those inalienable rights you bravely fought to preserve?

If not, it’s time for a change!

And there’s something I’d like you to strongly consider: becoming an entrepreneur.

A study by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business showed a strong correlation between entrepreneurship & happiness. Those running their own business were happier than all other professions, regardless of how much money they made!

But according to an article published on CNNMoney, veterans made up only 6% of all new entrepreneurs last year, compared to 12% in 2000.

Why are so many veterans moving away from the entrepreneurial path?

There are many theories as to the reasons for this decline, funding, lack of mentorship & increased participation in the GI Bill, to name a few.

But I’d like to illuminate 6 reasons why, as a veteran, you are more prepared than most U.S. citizens to take the entrepreneurial path:

1. Action

Service members are what I like to call “movers & shakers.” While serving in the military, you had to take action. You couldn’t just sit around waiting for others to move. You had a job to do & you had to “move & shake” to get it done. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must know how to take action! Talking & dreaming get you nowhere if you don’t know how to “move & shake” to get er’ done!

2. Experience Abroad

Traveling abroad is one thing, but living & working in another country is a completely different ballgame. Technology has created a truly global economy, & your ability to understand different cultures is invaluable to both international customers & those clients with different cultural backgrounds right here in the U.S.

3. Leadership Experience

In the military, you took responsibility for yourself & your job. You became the go-to guy/gal in your area of expertise & as a result, you were indirectly thrust into a leadership position. This experience as a leader in your field is invaluable when creating & managing your own company.

4. Technical Skills

Through your military training, you gained technical skills. While some of these skills may not seem transferable to the world outside the military, I’d like you to think outside the box. Find a way to use your unique skill set, because not many civillians have them!

5. Communication Skills

In the military, you were taught how to be direct, clear & to the point. “Say what you mean, mean what you say & be done with it.” This is a motto that can be infused into developing an efficient, effective, well run company.

6. Accountability

Service members are held accountable for everything they do. As an entrepreneur, you’ll be your own boss. You’ll be accountable to no one but yourself & will have to teach those around you to be accountable to you as their boss, & themselves as an employee of your company.

So get “movin’ & shakin’” & start pursuing the happiness you bravely fought to defend!

In the comments below, share one step you can take today towards becoming an entrepreneur!

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