A Quick, Effective, Proven Method to Become Happier

Want to know a quick, effective, proven method to become happier?

Start a gratitude journal.

Every day, spend 3-minutes writing down 5 things you are grateful for in your life.

This can be anything from a major life changing event, like getting a job promotion or having a baby, to the simple joys that occur everyday, like enjoying a good book or cup of tea.

Why do this?

Many people believe, & I’ve personally experienced, that when we emit positive energy (thoughts, feelings, & vibrations), we attract more positives to us.

We all know this to be true with negative energy, right? We all have those days when our life feels like a house of cards: One bad thing goes wrong, & the whole house falls over!

We focus on the negative & everything seems to crumble.

Well, the good news is that this concept applies to positive energy as well!

By spending a few minutes each day writing about what you are grateful for, you’re focusing on the positive aspects of your life & that energy will radiate outward!

For all you skeptics out there, several studies have actually shown how powerful a gratitude journal can be! Those who use them feel better about their lives & report fewer symptoms of illness.Β They are more positive!

So it’s pretty much a no-brainer: You must start a gratitude journal TODAY! Make it a part of your daily practice πŸ™‚

Here’s 5 tips to get you started:

1. Pick a journal that inspires you! Choose something that speaks to you, something that makes you want to spend a few minutes writing in it every day.

2. Add some bling! Well, maybe not bling, but you could jazz it up with some of your favorite quotes, a few pictures, or – heck – some BLING! Whatever speaks to you.

3. Be consistent with your writing. Maybe writing in your journal first thing in the morning works for you. Maybe you prefer to do it at lunch, or right before bed. Find a time that works for you & stick with it.

4. Take the pressure off of what you’re grateful for. Not every day is going to be full of job promotions, lottery wins, & spa vacations. Part of writing in a gratitude journal is learning to be grateful for the little things in life. So, if it’s a sunny day, being grateful for sunshine is just as valid as winning a new car!

5. Find a method that works for you. I’ll admit it: I’m biased towards keeping an old-school, paper journal. But you can absolutely maintain a journal on your computer, & there is even an app you can download to keep one on your phone! Do whatever works for you!

So, in the comments below, tell me: “Today, I am grateful for ___________.”

A gratitude journal is a great way to spend your time during your daily practice. Want to learn more about starting a daily practice? Check out my free e-Course!

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20 Responses to A Quick, Effective, Proven Method to Become Happier

  1. Lorene says:

    Today I am grateful for finding YOU and this website, your course and hope it can help as I am trying to “start fresh” and am alone and scared in a new big city.

    • Thank you Lorene! It is so wonderful to have you here. I know how scary it can be to “start fresh,” alone in a new city. But you are stronger than you realize! Look at all you’ve done already? You’re doing great!

  2. rich says:

    Thank you,thank you and thank you.

  3. Nina Thornton says:

    A beautiful day, amazing friends and chrished family to share it with.

  4. Angela says:

    1. Waking up to sound of birds chirping
    2. Having a nice job to go to.
    3. Delicious food I ate today
    4. The internet-( I found you.)
    5. Parents and Siblings & my dog

    For today… IAGF all the above

  5. henrietta says:

    I am grateful to be doing “Day 17′ of “How to develop[ a Daily Practice”. It’s amazing how you’ve guided us to going deeper within ourself, in such short caring and explicit instructions, that nudge our hearts and minds togetherfor much more than 31/2 minutes. minutes.
    I’m happyy to be nearly completing an unusual book, “Dying to be me” by Anita Moorjani, about her NDE (near death experience) and it’s after effects. It has been published from Hay’s House.
    I enjoyed sitting in the Sun this morning, and understood how early man must have been in such awe ot just the glory and brightness and energy of the SUN.
    I enjoyed some nice native fruit this morning. It is called Chikoo in India. I’m not sure if it really was a South American fruit brought here by the Portuguese. I must check that.
    Whenhaving a bath this morning I remembered what you wrote, to use any activity for Body awareness. I enjoyed my bath, with less of mental chatter of plans and deadlines, rushing in.
    Thank you, and Namaste! ( a sanskrit greeting, which means, ‘I greet the spirit in You’

    • Absolutely beautiful, Henrietta! Thank you for sharing all of the lovely aspects of your daily practice. Sitting in the sun, reading, eating some native fruit, enjoying some wonderful Chikoo, and taking a bath… sounds like the perfect morning to me! I am so happy to hear that you’ve found value in the daily prompts! Namaste <3

  6. Mimi says:

    1.I’m grateful that my family here and back home are alive and happy.
    2. I’m grateful that I get a chance to light up candle to my Dad’s 12 years death anniversary.
    3. I’m grateful that I spoke to my brother and sister abroad.
    4. I’m grateful that there is nothing that’s worries me at this moment.
    5. I’m grateful that I got a chance to express my feelings.

    Thank you

  7. Mimi Tadesse says:

    1. I am grateful that I am healthy.
    2. I am grateful there is nothing that worries me today.
    3. I am grateful that I had delicious lunch .
    4. I am grateful that I am warm and safe on this snowy day.
    5. I am grateful that I have time today to express my feelings.

    • Awesome Mimi! This list is wonderful. Did it take you long to generate this list? Perhaps you can make this part of your daily practice… πŸ™‚

      Sending you peace & calm,

  8. Suzanne says:

    Hi Victoria I am grateful for:
    1.My health
    2.For the people that were kind to me today in giving me food.
    3. For the time to explore the avenues in understanding what I need now to make me happy.
    4. Being able to have the opportunity to obtain another qualification in updating my CPD.
    5. Sharing good conversation with a friend

  9. bob white says:

    What am i grateful for? Wow its been a long time since i have thought like that. I have a great job some grand kids and a nice home. But i havent been grateful for any of it. Why? Because the woman who i have been with for 30 + years deleted a BUNCH of text messages between her and another man. She says it was all business but i dont think so. I didnt snoop without reasons and suspicions. I saw many changes in her and thought she may have a relationship with someone else. Now i am at a loss.

  10. Carlo says:

    Today I’m thankful for…

    1. Gasoline that’s $0.10 cheaper per L.
    2. The last vacant slot in the parking lot.

    Thanks for the good vibes, Victoria.

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