Farewell To The Talented And Beautiful Debbie Ford


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My heart is heavy as I just heard that author, motivational speaker, & spiritual teacher Debbie Ford has recently passed away.

Debbie has played a huge role in my life over the past 3 years.

Please join me in saying goodbye to one of the most influential mentors of my life.

Her book, “Spiritual Divorce,” became my bible as I battled through the emotions that surrounded the end of my 12 year relationship with my now ex-husband.

From start to finish, Debbie was by my side (and by my nightstand).

Beyond the divorce, Debbie’s work with the human Shadow has played a huge role in helping me uncover, accept, & embrace the dark side of myself. It is this awareness that has allowed me to help others embrace the dark side of themselves as well.

Debbie’s work has had a tremendous influence on my approach with clients, & I will forever be grateful for the time & energy she dedicated to spreading light into the world.

I highly recommend you seek out Debbie’s work.

While I never had the opportunity to meet Debbie, somehow I feel deeply connected to her. Perhaps it’s because we both went through a divorce. Perhaps it’s because her work with the Shadow deeply resonates with the work I passionately pursue in my own practice.

But it could just be the fact that Debbie approached life with an openness that people just couldn’t help but to resonate with. If you take a look at her Facebook page, you’ll quickly realize that her community loves her.

It’s because in someway, Debbie has touched the heart of each & every “fan” on that page personally, just as she has touched mine.

I’ll never forget the day she personally responded to a comment I made on one of her posts about paint colors. That was my only interaction with Debbie, & I will cherish it forever.

Even though Debbie is no longer with us, her light will continue to shine & brighten all of our shadows.

Thank you Debbie: With your help, this caterpillar transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

You will be forever loved & missed.



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