EYP 001 : How To Take Back Control Of Your Life With Simple Actionable Steps


We all have times when we feel completely out of control in our lives. I’ve totally been there.

The hardest part is knowing that something needs to change, but not having any clue what to do about it! This can lead to feelings of helplessness, sadness, anxiety, anger, and frustration.

We become so overwhelmed that we procrastinate doing anything, which leads us to feel more stuck and out of control.

It’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it?

Well, the good news is that there are actually a few small changes that you can make TODAY to start taking back control of your life.

And the awesome part about these changes is that they are all absolutely FREE and take less than a few minutes a day!

So I decided to put together this podcast for you, and tell you all about how to make simple, lasting changes.

In this podcast you’ll learn about:

  • A strategy for becoming more productive by doing less. Hint: It actually requires you to relax more!
  • How to live an empowered life, even in “old age” (well into your 90’s)
  • A limiting belief that may be holding you back from finding long term happiness: (you’ve got to hear this!
  • A simple strategy to help you grow, heal, and be happy in just a few minutes a day
  • Plus an exclusive exercise you can do right now to increase your chances of having lasting change

But it’s not just about making changes. It’s also about staying motivated to follow through with them.

This exclusive exercise will help you gain clarity about the real reasons why you feel stuck and out of control in your life.

And this clarity is the best tool to help you stay motivated on your quest for regaining control.

Based on what you just listened to, I’d love you to answer the following question by posting in the comments section below:

What simple, actionable step are you committing to take today to take back control of your time?

Head on down to the comments section & tell us about that commitment right now.

Also, if you have anything you’d like me to discuss in future podcasts, comment below or email me at info@victoriagigante.com.

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Items mentioned in this podcast:

“Relax! You’ll be more productive”

“6 Inspirational Yogis in their 90’s”

“The power of lonely: What we do better without other people around.”

“7 Tips to Develop a Daily Practice for Growth, Healing, and Happiness.”

“Man vs. Debt.”


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10 Responses to EYP 001 : How To Take Back Control Of Your Life With Simple Actionable Steps

  1. Dan says:

    Hey Victoria,

    I love the 90 minute cycle/renewal break concept you mentioned in this episode.
    I find that I get far more done during the day when I work in 90 minute cycles with 10 minute renewal breaks in between work.

    Thanks for this awesome podcast, I can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Rose Ann says:

    Hi Victoria

    I listened to your first podcast and definitely found it interesting. I think there are a lot of things mentioned that can definitely be incorporated into everyday life.

    I was especially intrigued by the segment on the power of loney and getting away from people. I can definitely see the benefits of it, but I am hesitant to completely ascribe to it. Currently I am dealing with issues with my spouse who is highly anxious and clinically depressed (for which he will be seeking help soon). He has mentioned that he thinks that the only way to help is for him to leave completely, but I feel that that is running away from problems. What kind of boundaries are there or should there be to this practice?

    • Hi Rose Ann! Thank you for listening to the podcast. I’m glad you found it applicable to everyday life. Regarding your question about the power of lonely: Spending time alone has been proven to provide people with the time and space needed to gain clarity in their lives. However, as I mentioned in the podcast, drastic measures do not need to be taken regarding location. When anxiety and depression rule your life, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that the best option is to “leave completely.” Part of it is “running away from problems,” but the other part is this deep need to remove yourself from an environment that you’ve determined is somehow causing pain (i.e. shame, guilt, anger, etc). It’s an easy temporary solution. However, one always realizes that, no matter where you run off to, your “problems” will follow you. There will always come that moment when you have to face the music and take responsibility for your life. So it might be helpful to have an honest conversation with your husband and find out what exactly he hopes to gain from leaving. What will he do when he’s gone? Where will he go? Maybe a short break to clear his head would do him some good. Maybe he plans to use his time away to build inner strength. But beyond that, the REAL benefits of “leaving completely” can be achieved by simply creating a safe time and space where he can work through some of these issues alone, each and every day – and this doesn’t require total relocation. You must uncover what your husbands real pain is, and how it is affected by his current environment. Once that becomes more clear, you’ll be able to better understand how “leaving completely” may or may not serve him. Does that make sense?

  3. Jinean says:

    I like the idea of spending time in solitude. I have always felt it important that this time in solitude is a great time to organize my thoughts to prepare for the day and to visualize the actions that are to happen. I have realized that thoughts become things and if there is any doubt about where something is going, it is these moments of solitude that clears up any cloudy water. Solitude settles the soul. This podcast on the idea of being alone, where you can be and do freely with thoughts actions and meditation, hits home. And that home for me is finding solace in solitude.

  4. Karen says:

    HI Victoria,
    I really enjoyed your podcast. You touched on some great points and REALLY helped to make me think. I look forward to future podcasts and articles. Thanks so much!

  5. Henrietta says:

    Thank you Victoria for offering us your Podocasts to ‘Empower ourselves” truely a gift to ourselves from You. I was very inspired by this first Podocast, so humane , authentic and very relevant. I have realised today why some of my motivations were not yet grounded. Thank you very much.
    I look forwards to the podocasts to follow.
    yours gratefully, Henrietta

    • Awesome Henrietta! Thank you for your feedback. I’m so happy to hear that you found value in the first podcast, and that you feel more clear about why some of your motivations aren’t grounded. There are more podcasts to come in the future – so stay tuned 🙂 -Victoria

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