Let’s Work Together!

Is Coaching For Me?

You feel like you have no time for yourself.
You feel uninspired and frustrated at work.
You feel misunderstood and disconnected in your relationships.
You feel unfocused, unmotivated and stuck.

But you know there’s more to life.

You want to make changes, but you don’t know where to start.

“I’ve been a freelance makeup artist for a few years. I knew I wanted to take my passion for the artistry further, but wasn’t really sure where to begin. After my sit-down with Victoria, I not only had a blog, Pinterest, and YouTube set up, but I felt very motivated to begin the next steps in my career. There was far more to the counseling than hitting the social media aspect. The advice and encouragement offered was extremely helpful. With these steps in the right direction I feel confident and savvy in my current and future endeavors.” – Christine, NY

Are you ready?
How Can Coaching Help?

Imagine a world where:

  • You have time every day to focus on yourself and the things you love.
  • You can quit your job and look for something different, or where you’ve discovered a renewed sense of inspiration in your current work.
  • You communicate your needs effectively in your relationships, and you feel more connected to the world around you.
  • You have more clarity about what you want, and a clear path towards achieving your goals.
  • You wake up well-rested, prepared for your day, more confident and with a new perspective on life.

Coaching helps you develop the tools to create the life of your dreams.

“There was a time in my life where I experienced a dramatic setback. All the goals and aspirations I had seemed to be taken away from me instantly. I wasn’t sure where to go from there, or what my next step should be. To be honest I was completely in shock and felt powerless. That was when I sat down with Victoria, and she helped me realize that my world was not over. She helped me get passed the panic that this change caused, and aided me in developing a new plan with goals that were designed to build upon each experience. This planning resulted in new levels of success and personal growth. None of the success I experienced would have been possible without Victoria’s help and guidance.” – Anthony, TX

If you feel stuck, I am confident I can help.
How Does Coaching Work?

I’ll help you find time for yourself even when you think there is none. You’ll wake up well ­rested, prepared for your day and have time for the things you love.

I’ll show you that you don’t have to be a slave to work you hate, and that satisfaction with your career is a lot more attainable that you think. You’ll uncover your needs, values and priorities; gain clarity about what you want; and have clear, actionable steps to achieve your goals

I’ll help you determine what your relationship needs are. You’ll be able to communicate those needs more effectively, and feel more connected with those around you.

I’ll show you that the life of your dreams is possible.

You’ll feel more motivated to make changes.
You’ll feel more confident in your decisions.
You’ll have a new perspective on your life that you never knew was possible.

We’ll put together an actionable, step-­by-step plan for each area of your life to help you achieve what you want.

Super easy daily steps that aren’t hard at all.

“One cannot ask for a better sounding board than that of Victoria Gigante. Her ability to connect with people on a human level is nothing less than impressive. She has the ability to look at multidimensional problems that are riff with emotion and personal issues and offer objective and insightful advice. I have many times sought out her advice only to be blow away with the wisdom of her words and her truly honest and heartfelt solutions. She is a resource that I am glad to have and one that many people should leverage in order to better themselves.” – Joshua, MO

Will you join me on this journey?