How Does Your Inner Voice Affect Your Decision Making?

Listen to that little voice inside of you screaming when you’re about to make a decision. What does it say? Does it whisper, “Keep moving forward,” “Go for it,” or “Why not?” Or maybe it’s more like, “You’re not good enough,” “You can’t do this,” or “What’s the point?”

How does your inner voice affect your decision making?

Your inner voice affects every decision you make, from where you go to dinner to where you live.

If you asked me what my inner voice was whispering two years ago, my answer would’ve been: “Better safe than sorry.”

I was living in fear, deathly afraid of making a mistake, of having regrets, & of getting hurt. I was afraid of life.

So I played it safe. Better safe than sorry, right?


While this “safe” path put me on what appeared to be the fast-track to success, the truth is that I was dying inside. 

I was bored with myself & I was bored with my life.

I was making all the “right” decisions for all the wrong reasons. My inner voice was controlling me.

So I decided to try a little experiment. I wanted to see if I could train my inner voice to have a little bit more fun when it came to decision making. So every time I had to make a decision, I’d close my eyes & repeat the phrase: “Life is an adventure!”

It wasn’t long before I realized that simply bringing this new thought into my awareness completely changed the way I approached my life. All of a sudden, I stopped coming up with reasons why I shouldn’t do things, & started asking myself “Why not?” 

After all, “Life is an adventure, right?”


So, the next time you make a decision, take a moment to listen to that little voice inside of you. 

In the comments below, tell me what it whispers when you’re about to make a decision. 

Do you like what it’s telling you? If not, tell me a thought you can bring into your awareness to re-train your inner voice.

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