Would You Benefit From 3 Free Sessions of Coaching?

Would you like to receive 3 free sessions of life coaching?

For many, the holidays bring joy & happiness.

But for some, they only seem to amplify whatever discontent they already feel in their life.

It saddens me to see such hopelessness in people, especially during the holiday season.

January 1st marks a New Year, & with it comes an energy of rebirth & renewal.

As a coach & healer, I feel it is my duty to illuminate that energy.

So from now until December 21st, I’ll be accepting applications from anyone wishing to receive 3 free sessions of life coaching.

How do you apply?

Step 1: Like my Facebook page, here.

Step 2: Answer the following question: Why do you want to receive 3 free sessions of life coaching?

Step 3: Send your response to me in a direct message on Facebook by midnight, EST on December 21st.

I strongly encourage you to be thorough in your answer. Only serious applicants will be considered.

Please try to be as transparent as possible regarding financial need, issues you are currently facing, & your level of commitment to the coaching process.

I will read through each application & on December 23rd I will select one person to receive these 3 free sessions.

Absolutely no strings attached.

All I ask is that you pay it forward & find your own unique way to help others this holiday season.

If the need is there, I may select more than one person, but I won’t know until the applications are in.

Please note that all responses will be kept confidential, & the names of those selected will not be revealed publicly unless written permission is provided.

All coaching sessions will last 60 minutes & will occur between December 26th & January 26th.

Anyone wishing to apply must have access to Skype or a telephone.

That’s it! Pretty simple, huh?

If anyone you know could benefit from this, please encourage them to apply.

Thank you for helping me spread the light during the holiday season!



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